Thursday, September 08, 2005

A couple of comic books: Y & Alec

A few weeks ago, I was able to read a couple of comic book: a contemporary American comic book from Vertigo and a comic book about a graphic novel.

Why Y?

I first learned of the comic book from my friend Inggo. The comic book was published by DC's off the beaten track sister company Vertigo. The same company responsible for producing the Sandman, Swamp Thing and Preacher.

Y is a tale about the last man on Earth; Yorick and his monkey named Ampersand or the symbol of "and". A unknow plague has infected the whole planet killing all mammals with the Y chromosome. Females have the XX chromosome while the males have XY. Its the Y is the chromosome that makes the males...well males.

Our hero Yorick and his pet monkey must go on a quest of sorts ,aided by a secret service agent know only by her number. A journey through America, during the journey must contend with visceral man-hatting amazons and agents of Israeli all-female military leadership, to discover why he was the last man to survive and to eventually find a way to be with his girlfriend in Australia!

So far this seems to be an interesting story. The paper does not seem to be of good quality and I mean not as nice as the paper Sandman or other TPB are printed on. Good smooth paper means the comic book will last longer. A good story deserves to last a long time, well as long as it can anyway.

Y: The Last Man - Unmanned
Brian K Vaughan/Writer
Pia Guerra/Penciller
Jose Marzan Jr/Inker
Pamela Rambo/Colorist
Clem Robins/Letterer
JG Jones/ Original Series Cover
Vertigo Comics

Something about Alec

Alec is about the life of British comic artist Alec. The Graphic Novel deals with the progress and set-backs of Alec. The book also chronicles the development of the Graphic Novel from the viewpoint the British Comic Book artist character.

The comic book is a revelation, because mid-way the main character muses about not only his life but diverts his attention to the story of the Graphic Novel, its rise and fall as he often quipped. Alec tells several stories and share his opinion about Alan Moore,Dave Sim, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison,Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird and others. Alec reminices a lot of encounters and stories with Alan Moore. For a comic afficionado who grew up reading a lot Alan Moore's work the tales were... interesting. Especially Moore's relationship with Dave Sim.

I wonder how close to home the story of Alec is to that of the writer and artist who created this comic book Eddie Campbell? How much is artistic license and how much is the truth. Perhaps, a great deal.

FYI, Eddie Campbell is the creator of Bacchus and illustrator of From Hell (As if you do not know).

A nice comic book. An interesting comic book fans. And perhaps a necessary comic book for comic book artists and writers. Plus the paper it was printed was white, smooth and nice.

Alec: How to be an artist
by Eddie Campbell
Eddie Campbell Comics


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