Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Book fair & perpetual sales

UPDATE: Sidney for told me that the Phil book fair will be held at World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM) from August 31 till September 4, 2005. Thanks Sidney!

It is the time of year when book lover's wallets go on a slim-fast diet. Some have been saving up for this moment.

With the exception of the docking of the Doulos Goodwill ship, which docked at Manila several years ago and were selling a ton of books. The book fair is probably one of the few events that you will see a congregation of readers.

This annual book fair is usually preceded by a month long sale of books at National Book Store and Power Books. Note both bookstores has not been part of the book fair for a long time. So if you have been eyeing the CS Lewis books or a Lemony Snickett's tongue-in-cheek depressing books this might be your month. However, I have noticed that most book stores now have a permanent sale. If you visit their store there is always a special table for discounted books. And in some there are pre-designated days when you can get ten to twenty percent discounts. Of course, event at discounted price some of the books are still a bit steep.

So whats the point of going?

Especially now that they have relocated the venue from Mega Mall to the World Trade Center, near the edge of Manila Bay. You might as well go to Booksale or Books for Less or even National Book Store.

Well, hopefully the bookfair will still attract a lot of the specialty book stores scattered through-out Metro Manila. A number of Filipiniana and specialty bookstores and publishers will be there. No need to go Amanecer, Intramuros. They will be there, along the way you can pass by F Sionil Jose's book store La Solidaridad. Or if you are into academic books, librarians who want to update and build their collection, book jobbers will be there selling books and un-books. There will also be some seminars and other events.

I wonder if there will be some comic sellers this year. Who knows.


Blogger Sidney said...

Maybe you should mention that the book fair will be held from August 31 till September 4.

7:17 PM  
Blogger juned said...

Thanks for the information. And I will update the post. :)

7:35 AM  

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