Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More book sites

I also came upon a new book-related sites on the Net. It will probably take me some time to be familiar with them. But based on my first impressions about them they seem to be worth a look see.

Newpages this seems to be a portal for other book review sites.

Bookmunch seems to be good book review site for comics and new stuff coming from the UK. Its a free access site.

Cambridge Book Review, book reviews from Cambridge University (?). It is also a free access site.

Salon.com, You have to sign-up to access the articles. Fortunately if you view the ad for a couple of minutes you can view any article for eight hours. Not a bad deal.

Bookspot. Now this is an interesting reference portal. Editors and Experts select on-line resources for a topic and makes it available for you. Their network of sites have received a lot of awards and praise. I must say I am quite impressed with these sites. Might spend more time here. The main site is Starpot Network, from here you can access the other sites for movies, jobs, headlines, library etc etc.


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