Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Filipino Heritage Books

I was doing some research on the case of Governor General Bustamante and his assasination and I returned to one of my old sources for things Filipiniana, the Marcos-sponsored Filipino Heritage Books.

This was probably one of the Marcos-sponsored books that I enjoyed reading. Ten volumes in total the book gives information on the different aspects of the Philippines and Filipinos.

The book is divided into different time periods. Starting from the pre-Spanish Philippines up to the time before Martial Law. And the books are peppered with essays and photo/picture essays of Filipiniana topics related, somewhat, and remotely related to the time period.

In these books you will encounter facts about the barter trade, the national heroes and heels, characters from Rizal's novels and mythological beasts, feasts in Laguna and Manguindanao; and even an article about Ma Mon Luk and siopao, siomai and mami.

Unfortunately, my family does not have a copy of The Philippine Islands 1493-1898 by James A Robertson and Emma Helen Blair, one of definitive sources about the Philippines in English. Even back then these books were expensive and rare. So I had to be content with Filipino Heritage.

It is a nice set of books to grow up with. I only see a few copies of the ten volume set sold now. Maybe they stopped printing these books. It is a shame.

Perhaps they will be able scan the pages of the book and make it available to more people - similar to what they did with Filipiniana Book Guild Series 1 cdrom and the Blair & Robertson books. I was able to get the Filipiniana Book Guild Series 1 a few years ago for around Seven Hundred Pesos . It was worth since the CD-ROM contained a ton of books one in particular, the book titled Romance and Adventure in Old Manila and written by Percy Hill I only saw once in an old antique shop and it was selling for Seven Thousand pesos. I might buy the Blair & Roberton books one of these days at Libros Filipinos.


Blogger mlq3 said...

the entire blair and robertson was put on cd rom by bpi for its anniversary, the cd rom is pretty cheap, considering the contents. call the filipinas heritage library they should still have copies for sale.

11:29 AM  
Blogger juned said...

MLQ3, Yes you are correct. I always planned to buy the book. Maybe before the year ends. :)

4:01 PM  

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