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Neil Gaiman: Book signing mechanics - July 9 to 11

I have been a fan of Neil Gaiman's work since I came across the Sandman storyline "Season of the Mists. After I had finished reading of Morpheus and his quest to free the woman he loved and condemned to hell (in the process inheriting Hell and resolving what to do with it), I tried to get all his comic books. I completed most of the Sandman stuff by buying the HC/SC tradepaperbacks, acquiring four comic books in Singapore when I went there, and by luck finding an old special Sandman tale from Filbars. This was the time when they just released Image comics and comic shops were sprouting like mushrooms all over the place.

I liked Neil Gaiman's tales because they took me not only to realm of fantasy and magic but he also interweaves them with the mythologies from different ages and continents. It was not-uncommon then for the Norse god Loki, Thor and Odin to meet the Egyptian Gods or the deities created from comics likes the Lord of Order and Chaos.

Do not get me wrong I also collected other sorts of comics and manga. The Killing Joke and Watchmen are still on list of top favourite comics, along with Nonoy Marcelo's Ikabod and Tisoy or Larry Alcala's Still Life. However, whenever I saw Neil Gaiman's name printed on the cover my attention seems to be drawn to that comic or magazine.

He wrote good stories. Eventually though he had to move on and although I still collected comic books my drive waned to the point of buying once in a blue moon, compared to before when I was buying every week.

I never got to buying his novels. Some of my friends says its good and some say otherwise. I do not know I have not read them. Call it my infantile loyalty to his works in comic books, they call it Graphic Novels now but its still comic books.

It would be interesting how his visit will turn out. Will he get carpal tunnel syndrome from signing all the books? Does he have screaming fans like Chopin had? Its hard to imagine women swooning and fainting while Chopin played the piano, or is it? What other sort of things will happen? What will be his impression of the Philippines and Filipino Society?

One thing is certain this is a good marketing and money-earning gimmick for Fully Booked. But it is a win-win situation.

I have bored you enough so here are the details for the book signing event.




To the members of the "Gaiman in Manila Yahoogroup",

We want to thank you for all the feedback we have been receiving. It has been a great help to us in terms of making this event as good as it should be for Neil and for you all. So, we are happy to announce that THE BOOK SIGNING WILL BE OPEN TO EVERYONE since we want as many of you to enjoy and be a part of all the activities.

No book pass will be necessary if you want ONLY ONE (1) ITEM signed. Should you wish Neil to sign more items, the mechanics are as follows:

1. Beginning from June 15-July 11, 2005, for every purchase of any Neil Gaiman book in any FULLY BOOKED (The Powerplant Mall, Gateway Mall and the Promenade Greenhills- soon to open), BIBLIARCH (Glorietta 3 and Waltermart (Pasong Tamo)) and SKETCHBOOKS (Greenbelt 3) branch, you will be receive a book signing pass. The maximum number of passes you may use at one time is 3 (for 3 items).

2. You may use the book-signing pass at any of the book signing venues:

July 9 (Saturday)- 3:00 pm at the Rockwell Tent, The Powerplant Mall
July 10 (Sunday)- 2:00 pm at Fully Booked in the Promenade Greenhills (open on July 8)
July 11 (Monday)- 4:30 pm at Fully Booked in Gateway Mall

3. Each book-signing pass has a one-time validity (it will be marked and returned to you to keep as a souvenir).

4. Each book-signing pass will have a corresponding raffle ticket, giving you the chance to get to know Neil Gaiman over dinner on July 11, 2005.

5. Summary of Mechanics:

No pass- One (1) item signed
1 pass- Two (2) items signed
2 passes- Three (3) items signed
3 passes- Four (4) items signed

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you then!


There will also be a raffle for those who bought Neil Gaiman's books or comics. To qualify you have to at least buy one comic book, cheapest is around 900 pesos, or two novels, around 900 pesos also.


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