Tuesday, May 24, 2005

An open bag

Last Saturday, I had an empty bag in front of me. This empty bag stared at me with its zipper open and a gapping mouth seemed to beckon me to put something in it. Nature does not like a vacuum and my mind race for things to put inside.

Then lightning struck. I mean of course cerebral lightning. And from experience cerebral lightning for me is as common as true lightning in a sunny day. An idea began to form in my head and take life. The idea said why notfill the bag with books that you would take with you.

"Imagine going on a long trip and these bag would carry all the books you would need" the idea said to me.

So I did it. After an hour or two I had filled up the bag with books or reading materials I would take with me on my imagined journey.

What were the books?

Animal Farm by George Orwell
The New Testament
The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien
The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien
Farmer Giles of Ham by JRR Tolkien
Screwtape's Letters by CS Lewis
An Anthology of the best Filipino Short Stories
Treasure Island by Daniel Defoe
Father Brown Mysteries by GK Chesterton
A Question of Heroes by Nick Joaquin
Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Edgar Allan Poe
Tales of Mystery and Terror by Edgar Allan Poe
OED Dictionary
A Blank Book
Two books on Kokology
Lessons of History by Ariel and Will Durant
Sandman: Fables & Reflections by Neil Gaiman
Death at Death's Door by Jill Thompson
The Once and Future King by TH White
and a cook book

Like friends, one's choice in books is an indirect description of oneself.

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    Anonymous dante said...

    are those your "all-time favorite" books? or books you permanently like? (because my selection of favorite books change from time to time, except for a few). or are those the books you find essential in yur life?

    i do have books that i consider essential in my life (at least for now)... these are just some of them...

    "the road less travelled";
    "further along the road less travelled"; and
    "the road less travelled and beyond" by m. scott peck

    "frames of mind" and
    "the disciplined mind" by howard gardner (oddly enough, i haven't read these books yet, but found them, or the subjects or issues they tackle very interesting)

    "pilipino, isa kang alipin" by reynaldo(?) garcia (a very nice book about how we pinoys in many ways are slaves, and what we need to break free from our shackles -- "simply", a moral life)

    "the prophet" by kahlil gibran

    and last but of course not the least, the Holy Bible, particularly Proverbs (haven't read the whole of it; its a source of great wisdom), and the books of Matthew and John

    9:57 PM  
    Blogger juned said...

    All of them are my favourite books but they are not all of the books in my favourite list. I just like reading them again and again. Some of the books in that list I find essential, some informative and some mental cocktails to nourish my troglodyte brain.

    I also liked "Little Prince" and Og Mandino's "Greatest Salesman in the World". And nearly all of CS Lewis' works fiction and non-fiction. Plus Dr Seuss.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. I will try and read those books when I can.

    8:56 AM  

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