Friday, May 20, 2005

Book: Mga Kinamihasnang Salitang Tagalog

Ignacio, Rosendo. MGA KINAMIHASNANG SALITANG TAGALOG (Tagalog Idioms - Modismos Tagalos. 2nd Pagkalimbag. Philippines. 1963.

I bought this book a year ago at the this shop in Mega Mall that sells old books. Not quite sure but the name of place seems to be Old Manila. But you will not miss the shop it is located on the topmost floor beside an antique shop that sells swords and other antiques, I cannot remember its name too, but said bookshop is near the escalator.

The book is a slim hardbound volume, around four by five inches. It was written by a Tagalog and Spanish language teacher Iganacio Rosendo during the 1960s. Mr has a couple of consonants at the end of his name so he must be learned man. According to the booklet, small eh, Rosendo is a Spanish and Tagalog teaher in the vernacular "Guro sa mga wikang Kastila at Tagalog".

Do you not wonder why we call the Spanish language here Kastila not Espanol or the Spaniards as Kastila and not Espanol? Maybe its because most of Spaniards who went here were Castillians?, ie from Castille, Spain.I wonder why? Come to think of most of us refer to white foreigners as Kano even if they are Eastern Europeans or Englishmen.

Rosendo, I like that name it sounds so Philippines 1950s and I mean no offense it is a nice solid Filipino/Spanish name, lists down and translates into Tagalog, Spanish and English the different Tagalog idioms used in the 1960s. It is an interesting list and plus side is you get its equivalent word or description in English and Spanish.

Here are some of the entries that can be found in the booklet. Please note that the words are arranged according to the following scheme, Tagalog idioms - Tagalog description - English - Spanish:

Bals wals - Walang saysay - worthless - no vale nada

Basang puwit - Babaing paiba-iba ang kinakasama - a woman who changes lover continually - mujer que cambia de querido

Mukhang balubad - pangit - ugly - feo

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    Anonymous Corsarius II said...

    hm...looks like a worthy read. 1963? wow. i found the idioms translation entertaining, if not informative, haha.

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    Blogger juned said...

    I will try post additional definitions.

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