Friday, January 13, 2006

The Sign of A Well Loved Book?

A few days I discovered that one of the books, which my nephews and I read a lot, vandalised. Each line in the Table of Contents was crossed-over with a green marker. Needless, they say I was initially distraught and thought of several ways to exact punishment on the culprit, then it dawned on me that it was my nephews who did it. After, a quick verbal reprimand it hit me. Through the years, several books had also passed through my hands and my siblings hands and not all of them were spared. It took some time before we were able to realize how to take care of books. I remember my worn-out copy of Dr Seuss' McElligot's Pool and the Cat in the Hat.

Well what is more important a well-used book or a book in mint condition? What is the mettle and value of a book?

Maybe somewhere in between. One thing is for sure though books are meant for riding.

And somehow, it made that particular vandalism of the Dr Seuss book a great deal more bearable. At least they learned not to vandalize a book. And at least they are not book burners. Book burning is more malicious I think, especially if its done on purpose like what Shi Huang Di, The First Emperor of China, did. At least Julius Ceasar wept when the Great Library of Alexandria was accidentally burned.


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